2208, 2018

lgas 2018

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  So excited for the 2018 Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show!    I truly believe the homes of Omaha, Nebraska get prettier each September thanks to the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show. Even when I promise myself I don't need one more thing, there always seems to be something I can add to a room to make it a little better. And sometimes, a lot better! There is always inspiration to be found during the weekend of the Show.   New dealers are welcomed each year, joining a collection of favorite dealers from years past. The speakers are always a highlight, and in recent years, educational talks have been added to the weekend. The Antique and Design Academy talks this year include Cynthia Nouri from Sasha Nicholas and Rebecca Vizard, aka B.Viz, of Once Upon a Pillow.   Our Luncheon Speakers are Miles Redd on Friday, Steven Stolman on Saturday, and Matt Stamp on [...]

1508, 2018

nynow and ny sil

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One of my cute friends emailed me after reading my last post and said it took her an hour to figure out what SIL was. LOL. I was cracking up. Sister-in-law. My last post featured a dinner party at the home of my Omaha sister-in-law.  Thought I better clear that up before presenting another SIL's living situation in NYC!  This apartment could not be cuter! We were headed out the door to walk to dinner, and I made everyone wait while I ran back in and took a few photos with my iPhone.    Coco and Watson Coco is the mean one on top. Watson is the nice one at the bottom.  Coco only likes her family, not including Watson.   Please know this: There is an adorable Kate Spade lamp coming soon to light up the other side of the bed shown below. IT IS ADORABLE! I was almost [...]

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