1502, 2019

more naples

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More condo pics! Not that much has changed since my last post, so some of these are repetitive... Still waiting on window treatments and bedding. At this point, I'm just happy to be where it's sunny instead of snowy.  Here is the entry again... Chair in the Master bedroom. I love it! I love the pastel colors in the living room! Still waiting on glass shelves... You guys it is SO SUNNY down here. We need window treatments desperately... The guest bedroom is so darn cute with the green beds with white nailheads... Need: Shams and dust skirts This cute chair was delivered for the guest room... Guest bathroom TV needs to be hung... I am so happy down here. Next week, I will be back in Omaha in the cold and snow... It is so hard to imagine when you are at the beach!

2801, 2019

naples condo

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If you have been following my instagram stories, you might be expecting this post. Although it is still a work in progress, there is enough completed to share some photos. I'll explain what is still to come as we go along... The entry has the same chest and mirror from 25 years ago! Some things are not worth replacing, and these pieces have stood the test of time. I should have prefaced the images by saying it is next to impossible to take photos during the day in this condo. The sunlight pours in the windows, and we do not have window treatments yet, so it is sort of like living in literal heaven. The coffee table is also a remnant of the old decor... Still does the trick in my opinion. I adore the console we found. It's very old and from Spain. We actually saw it in the [...]

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