One of my cute friends emailed me after reading my last post and said it took her an hour to figure out what SIL was. LOL. I was cracking up. Sister-in-law. My last post featured a dinner party at the home of my Omaha sister-in-law. 

Thought I better clear that up before presenting another SIL’s living situation in NYC! 

This apartment could not be cuter!
We were headed out the door to walk to dinner, and I made everyone wait while I ran back in and took a few photos with my iPhone. 


Coco and Watson
Coco is the mean one on top. Watson is the nice one at the bottom.
 Coco only likes her family, not including Watson.


Please know this: There is an adorable Kate Spade lamp coming soon to light up the other side of the bed shown below. IT IS ADORABLE! I was almost not allowed to take photos because of this missing item. 

If you will, visualize the Kate Spade Dickinson Floor Lamp in the corner of the bedroom above! This lamp represents my NYC SIL’s personality perfectly. Elegant, flirty, feminine, and fun!

If you want this lamp too, I can order it for you! 





The apartment sits right on the High Line which is a 1.45 mile long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail. It was created on a former NYC Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan.




We walked the High Line to Morimoto for sushi…


This was a very fancy appetizer of Tuna Tartare…

The purpose of the trip to NYC was to attend NYNOW and find new things for the shop…

Loved this company – A workshop of weavers from Italy.
These can be napkins or kitchen towels in any color.



Both sides are beautiful!

Also found lots of resources for napkins. The picot edge is still my favorite!


If you are interested in ordering napkins with or without a monogram, I can order for you! I need about a week at my desk to upload all the options to my shop, and a week at my desk is not happening anytime soon! But always, feel free to email me with questions and we can discuss specifics. I can do any color and have lots of monogram options!
These pitchers were maybe my favorite thing from the whole weekend. They came in several gorgeous colors. They were so heavy! I was a tad concerned about lifting one of them filled with actual water. I think I just want one in my bar, maybe with flowers :)

Same vendor had a display of these huge servers really gorgeous.
I posted a few of these pieces on instagram and had a lot of feedback… They are pretty expensive, you guys. If you are interested, please message me and I can get you the details. They are custom orders, so you choose white or black background, white or black frame. Lead time is about 8-10 weeks.




In love with the multitude of color options for this candelabra!

All in all, it was a very successful few days. Loved seeing my NYC SIL! And loved getting away with my hubby. He literally guides me through the maze that is NYNOW. He says without him, I am like a pinball jumping from vendor to vendor. I get very excited and walk aimlessly to the next pretty thing. Even with his keen sense of direction and pilotage, we walked over 5 miles. It can be overwhelming, but I’ll say, we are getting pretty good at it!