It’s time to do some antique shopping! The Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show opens this Friday for it’s 15th anniversary weekend, with a Preview Party for patrons on Thursday night. I was lucky enough to walk through this morning as the dealers were setting up, to get a sneak peek. Sharing the photos here, I hope to spark new interest, and get visitors down to the Show. Please visit the website here to view the weekend schedule, and make plans to come down!

The Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show, in Omaha, NE, provides a unique opportunity to shop for antiques brought from all over the country. No shipping costs! It is a highlight for anyone who enjoys updating their home with something pulchritudinous. (I recently read/looked up/learned this word and I couldn’t wait to use it.) You will find beautiful rugs and furniture, and distinctive, one-of-a-kind accessories you will not see in a catalog or at your friend’s house. Come on down and find something special!


Here are a few favorite things I found while dealers were getting their booths set up for the weekend. I try to include the names of the dealers and link to their website if they have one. There are a few random photos though. If you see something you like and it’s not linked to a booth, message me and I’ll find it for you. 



Thomas Fortner
Dying for this!



And this!







Perfect for the zebra theme of the Show!










Um, dying.





 Birdsall Haase













Jesse Davis Antiques Ltd










Kathy Tobler Silver


Button Box





Coulee Oriental Rugs


I am so excited Rebecca Vizard is here! 
The most beautiful pillows in the world!




The bees are back in town!










 The Show is amazing, you guys. 
I’m sure there is something pulchritudinous you can’t live without!


Congratulations to Mimi and Mary!
What an amazing 15th year celebration of the Lauritzen Gardens Antiques Show!