What a pleasure it was to experience the floral demonstration by Lewis Miller in Nashville! It’s always fun to see a professional throw together beautiful floral arrangements with ease, but Miller has a depth and a story that fascinates and delights.

This pair of urns was definitely swoon worthy. 

Here are some of the other arrangements from the presentation…

They were all gorgeous and represented his love of monochromatic arrangements. What was even more entertaining for me, was hearing about how “Flower Flash” came to be.

I have seen these crazy gorgeous floral masterpieces on social media, but didn’t take the time to find out more. I assumed it was an art exhibit of some kind in NYC.  The floral installations are quite striking, and it is likely if you have seen them, you were left wondering, “What in the world?”

Miller said he was at a place in his life where he was somewhat bored with making his standard (gorgeous) floral designs, and craved something more. How could he give back? How could he make a difference? He came up with “Flower Flashes” and has enjoyed every moment of the excitement they have brought NYC. 

He and his team work quickly to finish their creations before sunrise, typically spending about 15 minutes to put one together. He joked about the rush he feels racing in and out in a sneaky fashion. The end result is a spectacular yet confusing surprise to the people walking the streets of New York on their way to work, or taking a stroll through Central Park. 

Miller enjoys watching the interaction that takes place selfies and instagram posts, and sometimes, the flowers are altered in some way or even taken, and that’s ok! Providing New York City with such a luxurious gift is something that brings him great joy. This random act of kindness creates an emotional response to those who witness the flowers, and that is the ultimate goal.

Miller would love to expand his Flower Flashes to other cities. Chicago, Miami, Mexico City and Los Angeles are on the list! He spray paints his “signature” with a chalk spray paint that washes away in the rain: LMD x NYC

Lewis Miller is brilliant in all aspects of his career. Although the Flower Flashes really touched me, his floral design work is truly magnificent, and cannot go unmentioned. 

Check out this October wedding at the Plaza Hotel celebrating the most beautiful season in New York City. #eloiseapproved

Or this late Spring wedding at Blackberry Farm…

In constant pursuit of beauty, Miller brings to life his passion for making a difference through his pure love of flowers. 
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📷 The photos (other than mine from the floral presentation) are from the Lewis Miller Design website