Many of you are familiar with my Ira Yeager obsession. I have done several posts featuring Ira Yeager, and thanks to my loyal following, I have been contacted numerous times about paintings for sale. 

The end of this post features a list of all past Ira Yeager posts with links, but first, let’s take a look at my growing collection.
My first painting is perfection in my living room.
Love the apples in the tree, the green grass, and the floral wreath on the cow…
You can see another painting in the hall to the right, and there’s another in the hall on the left!
Also love the writing and her fan…

Number two is the cow in my family room. This is probably my favorite painting. With the tangerines around his neck? And the frog?
Number three came from a reader who emailed me because she was moving and didn’t have space for this painting. She knew of my love…
It’s huge – 80″ x 60″


Next, I learned of Ira’s paintings on mirrors and found this one as quickly I could.
 LOVE the writing on the hat and the pink outfit. And the frame.
Number four…
Five and six also came from the previously mentioned reader who was moving again!
Love the chinoiserie background and the fruit.

Next came these two…
LOVE the writing in the background!
Ira Yeager paints the most adorable animals!
And eight…
Her outfit!

And then I got an email from La Dolce Vita Culinary about a collection of Ira Yeager paintings for sale. She was the chosen friend / Ira Yeager lover to sell the many paintings that were featured in Vera Bradley stores across the country. I bought five paintings from her! I think she still has a couple left.



She is stunning! The writing on her dress, and the casual cheetahs…


I’m sure you’ve noticed how he edges his paintings with sort of a sponge paint technique. Adore it.


The tangerine! The ducks! The lamb!


The fish!
 The fan!
This one isn’t even hung yet.


Her sleeves…


Those luscious colors!
Also not hanging yet…


The chinoiserie background again!


And my lucky number 13 will be going to the condo in Naples. He is so different and I adore him. I haven’t even seen him in person yet. We call him Third Eye George Washington. The oversized flowers and the white cheetah are amazing. The pastel colors!

Here are the past posts I have done on Ira Yeager.  As you can see, the excitement started in 2011, so I have been on this Ira Yeager journey for a while. It is hilarious to see how my photos have improved through the years. I’ve had a few cameras, all point-and-shoot, non-fancy, some better than others. One in particular turned all my photos yellow. That one didn’t last long.

Also, I’ve just realized I have the paintings in the wrong order above. Haha. I would have never known had I not posted the dates below! (Not correcting, doesn’t matter.)

January 2011 My very first post on this blog featured Ira Yeager!
July 2011 Cow painting obsession 
August 2011 A random post wishing for an Ira…
October 2011 A post showcasing Iras at Vintage Home in Napa
November 2011 My Ira in the living room from San Francisco
March 2013 My Ira upstairs from a random email
May 2015 My Portrait from San Francisco
October 2016 My FAVORITE My Cow from Vintage Home

I had the opportunity to purchase this painting a few years ago, and I will regret not buying it until the day I die. HUGE mistake. The saddest story ever told. What was I thinking?


You never know… Sometimes we get second chances in life. If only! She would be number 14. That blue dress….