The latest cover of Veranda really stopped me in my tracks. 
It reminded me of Ginny Magher’s cover from 1999. 
After all these years, I am still in awe at the charm of a French farmhouse, constant and timeless..
Yes, this is a farmhouse. lol. 
A 13,000 square foot farmhouse, bordering a pear orchard on an island in the Rhone River.

Designer Susan Bednar Long was hired by long time clients to transform, renovate and redesign. Although Long made all decisions on her own for previous projects, Shauna, the owner, was involved every step of the way for this one. The pair worked closely with a renowned local architect, Alexandre Lafourcade. 

Let’s take a look inside…
The dining room is spectacular.
I have plates surrounding a doorway in my house, and I was beginning to think maybe the look was outdated. But after seeing this, I’m in love once again.

More plates.. And the kitchen is wonderful. Love the Pierre Frey fabrics in every single room. I would do the exact same.

I have quite a collection of confit jars, and have just acquired some to add to the shop. They really don’t go out of style, and they work with almost any decor… Even modern.


Love the copper mixed with pottery…


That Pierre Frey fabric!


You know I love the tangerine color here… This fabric makes my heart sing.
More orange… So happy in the windows!




The house renovation took two years to complete. I feel like it took me that long to re-do my office! The landscaping took an additional year. Magnificent views everywhere you look.

There are many more photos available on the Veranda website, where these images are from. To see more, visit their website here.

I have been missing blogging lately. I’ve been working on an update to my blog, and once the new look is complete, I’m going to get back onto a regular schedule. Very excited about this! I’ve been collecting inspiration for the new look, and it will be fun to share. 

Stay tuned!