for the love of ira

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  Many of you are familiar with my Ira Yeager obsession. I have done several posts featuring Ira Yeager, and thanks to my loyal following, I have been contacted numerous times about paintings for sale.  The end of this post features a list of all past Ira Yeager posts with links, but first, let's take a look at my growing collection.   My first painting is perfection in my living room. Love the apples in the tree, the green grass, and the floral wreath on the cow... You can see another painting in the hall to the right, and there's another in the hall on the left! Also love the writing and her fan... Number two is the cow in my family room. This is probably my favorite painting. With the tangerines around his neck? And the frog? Number three came from a reader who emailed me because she was moving and [...]

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